Our EMS services for your entire product life cycle:

From prototyping, to series manufacture to phase-out management.


Your Challenge: That’s Our Job

The Sartorius Electronics team will support you throughout your projects. To meet your challenging objectives, we use the Altium Designer with a comprehensive database.

  • Hardware development
  • Unbundling | layout design
  • Redesigning, for example, to replace components that will no longer be made or to optimize the quality and reduce your production costs (Design to Cost | Design for Quality)
  • Database access to Altium component footprints
  • EMC laboratory for preliminary tests as part of your development project (preparation for accreditation) 

Sartorius Selector

The Sartorius Selector software tool gives you real-time access to our entire master database.

  • All components from our product array
  • Search by specifications or full-text search
  • Data sheets
  • Inventory turnover rate
  • Prices
  • Customer material ID number
  • RoHS status

Your Advantages

  • Instant information about prices and availability
  • Fast installation of products
  • Fewer inquiries about individual components

Free Pre-Consultation

We will be happy to advise you in advance to ensure you obtain the best layout and manufacture of your product:

  • Feasibility study
  • Overview on cost of materials and availability
  • optimization of manufacturing costs
  • Well-coordinated test strategies
  • reproducible quality

Together with you, we will optimize the quality of your product, ensuring that it will remain future-proof.

Use our expertise right during your
early product development phase

Selection of components
(cost, availability,
obsolescence management)
Manufacturing processes;
cost optimization
Wide choice of
test procedures
Stable, reproducible


Time to Market: Speed Pays in 
Gaining Pole Position on Your Market!

We offer you an exceptionally fast, standardized pre-consultation and manufacturing process. Each step is perfectly aligned with our SAP ERP system, taking all requirements for prototyping along with a sample test report into account.

  • Individualized processing: one project manager, technician and procurement specialist responsible for your project
  • SMT capacity reservation for prototype manufacture
  • Fast turnaround – the specific timeline will vary according to availability of materials and printed circuit board technology
  • Feedback on readiness for series manufacture
  • Status on procurement of materials


Materials Management

Procurement & Handling of Materials

  • Strategic, operational and project-related procurement
  • Global sourcing
  • Logistics (framework contracts, Kanban, consignment stock, safety stock)
  • Moisture sensitivity level (MSL) management
  • Product change notification (PCN) management
  • Consistent ESD concept
  • Fully environmentally controlled warehouse and manufacturing areas
  • Advanced materials management and warehousing

Manufacturing Processes

SMT Manufacture

Reproducible quality, MSL-compliant materials handling and manufacture according to the latest standards:

  • Flexible setup concepts
  • 3 production lines
  • Integrated optical paste inspection
  • MSL-compliant processes (moisture sensitivity level)
  • Setup verification by scanning materials at the machines and by automated optical inspection (AOI) at the beginning of manufacture
  • Validation of the soldering process using a Datapaq Reflow Tracker® system in conjunction with the most advanced reflow soldering technology and X-ray analysis
  • Component sizes from 0201 to 70 x 70 mm

THT Component Mounting & Assembly

We offer a broad range of high-quality services involving manual manufacturing steps:

  • Program-guided manual component placement
  • Selective and wave soldering procedures
  • Modification steps and customized procedures
  • Press-fit technology
  • Equipment assembly and box build assembly
  • Cleaning of subassemblies
  • Conformal coating and encapsulation


Which test procedure is really suitable for your product?
Sartorius Electronics will be glad to help you select the suitable test method for your product:

  • In-circuit test
  • Machine boundary scan
  • Flying probe test
  • Automatic programming
  • Customer-specific test systems
  • Automatic optical inspection

Quality Management

We don’t leave anything up to chance – especially when it comes to our quality.

We immediately detect any variances from target dimensions by regularly monitoring our products and processes, and take the appropriate action for quality assurance.

  • ISO 9001 & 14001 certification
  • IPC-A-610 (certified trainer on the team)
  • ESD protection management
  • Fully environmentally controlled manufacture
  • Shop floor management
  • Personnel development plans
  • Training seminars
  • 5-S workplace organization
  • Active management of our continuous improvement process (CIP)
  • Process optimization with first pass yield evaluation